General Dental Care

"Your smile is the most stylish thing you can wear"

We see dental care as a masterpiece to help you achieve healthy teeth and gums

Our Dental experts will ensure that your time is 100% their time.
Our ethic is simple here at Stoughton Grange Smile we aim to look at

Diagnosis - Prevention - Treatment

Treatments We Offer

General Dental Care

We have a team of Dental Consultants who provide treatment and care for your overall general health.

All our Consultants are very approachable and friendly and all have the same ethic that you feel at ease at Stoughton Grange & Smile.

Dentures & Repairs

We want your dentures to look and feel natural. We know how important the decision to have dentures are.

Here at Stoughton Grange Smile we are on hand to help you through the process and create a set of dentures that you will feel comfortable wearing.

At our referral clinic we can help out with:

  •     Broken Dentures
  •     Chipped/cracked dentures    
  •     Relining
  •     Discoloured Dentures
  •     Fitting of new Dentures

Customised Mouth Guards

These are a vital accessory in protecting your teeth whilst playing Sports.

Mouth Guards can also be used for the treatment of people who grind their teeth, wearing one of our customized mouth guards at night will minimise this for you.

Partial Dentures

At Stoughton Grange Smile we try to ensure that your natural teeth remain. However there may be instances where you may need partial dentures. Our Dental Consultants will ensure that your treatment and fitting is comfortable for you.


These are a thin layer of porcelain or re-enforced resin. It is similar to a false nail, where the veneer is a protective shell that covers the front of your tooth to reshape of improve the colour.


Is also referred to as a cap. It simply fits on top of your existing tooth. Its main purpose is to restore the shape, colour and function of your original tooth.


These are replacement tooth roots, constructed from titanium. It provides a strong foundation for a fixed or removable tooth.

We currently outsource the Dental Treatments to our Associated Dental Clinics based in Leicester 

About Us

Friendly & Welcoming

Every member of our Team here at the Clinic all have the same ethos – customer care will always come first.

Professional Service

Our team are all qualified and accredited in their chosen field.

We care about your Health

There is always someone on hand to answer any queries or concerns you have.

Our priority is to ensure that you are looked after from the moment you walk into reception, throughout your treatment, to the moment you leave.

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